Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Love Writing School Papers

     I just finished writing a ten page research paper about the history of Olympic boycotts for one of my classes.

     The nice thing about being a writer is learning to enjoy all forms of writing, fiction or otherwise.

     All writing is language. It's words, the way they sound together, the pictures they paint, catching the attention of the reader and surprising them with every scroll of the eye to the end of a sentence.

     Ask yourself, how can I make this topic unfold like a story? Where is the drama? The climax? Whether your topic is the hosting of the Olympics by Nazi Germany or women pilots during World War II, history is all one big story.

     When you think about it, writing itself is nothing more than the description of sounds. Whether those sounds are singing the prasies of your favorite book or bemoaning an obscure tragedy from history, you can have fun with language, if you give it a try.

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